our best client: the environment


Leader in the maintenance of the green of the Italian motorway

The Molinari family started their motorway and roadside green area maintenance and management activities at the end of the sixties.

It is a period of great infrastructural works in Italy, such as the Bari – Taranto motorway, the Turin – Venice “Serenissima” motorway, the Milan – Naples motorway, the Rome – Florence express railway, dams, from the Locone basin in Puglia to the Senise dam in Basilicata.

And it is in this context that Salvatore, a land surveyor, started working with industry-leading companies and applying equipment and technologies that were innovative at that time and a new organisational strategy in the management of substantial human resources.

The Ecogest project was launched in 1995, with the aim to continue the path of professional and entrepreneurial growth walked so far, built on the experience gained by the Molinari family. Two years later Ecogest Engineering Srl was set up in 1997. A little over a decade later, the company became a leader in the road and motorway green areas maintenance sector on the basis of territorial coverage and operational and logistics capacity.

The company has gained four decades of experience in the environment sector throughout Italy, and substantial experience in the environment sector abroad. The company has worked with hundreds of employees stationed at many worksites. These facts have consolidated the image and skills of the Molinari Group, alongside key players in the infrastructural transformation in Italy.

Since 2007 under the name Ecogest Srl, and under the guidance of the heir of the great family tradition, Valerio Molinari, the company established itself as a key nationwide player in the road system and national highway environmental maintenance sector.